My Platforms

Let's get together

To help improve our ward

I believe that Toronto needs to listen to the people’s concerns on development, better commute system, waste management, better protection, better assistance programs for senior citizens, cleaner roads, a more streamlined system for youth employment in this ward, more events to celebrate diversity and, a direct platform for people of ward 19 to reach out to me.

Our Platforms

Community Oriented Programs

Better protection

We need more offices in our ward where people can go in to report incidents or raise their concerns. With the recent increase in crimes like car jacking and breaking and entering in our ward, we need a better system where our police are more readily available to handle such crimes. With more police in the area, crimes would reduce significantly just because of police presence.


Better Waste Disposal System

There are so many other ways than just dumping all our waste into a landfill. There are so many success stories about so many different methods that saves the land and gets rid off waste. Let’s take Sweden for example, their safe waste burning method has been so effective that they have significantly reduced their waste and are protecting our environment by reducing harmful gas emission.


Better assistance program for seniors

These past 2 years have been difficult beyond what humans’ thought was ever manageable. Especially for our seniors who are not that good with technology. We need a specific platform that our seniors can call in to get support and guidance on all the wonderful plans our government has in place.


A more streamlined system for youth employment in our ward

There are so many youngsters who are extremely talented but unable to find a job. At the same time, there are so many businesses in the area who are on the lookout for employees but are unable to find the right fit. I believe it is because the jobs are being posted on different platforms and our youngsters are unable to find it on the right place. We need a more streamlined system just for our ward where employers can directly reach out and communicate with prospective employees.


Better Commute System

We need to do an analysis on the needs of people in our ward. I did my research first hand and found that there are more bus routes in areas that are no longer busy but there aren’t buses in the routes that have recently boomed. With the subway lines being closed very often for various reasons, we have a significant number of our people reliant on these bus routes that aren’t properly regulated. We need a proper analysis done frequently, to adjust these bus routes.


Cleaner roads

Not very long ago, we used to have these motor vehicles that would come and clean the roads by spraying high pressured water and washing away the dirt. But because of how much water it used and the need to preserve water, that system might not be very feasible anymore. But that does not mean we let our roads be dirty. As civilians living in this ward, it is our responsibility to make sure our roads are clean. My volunteer team is very supportive of this idea and I already have a solid group of volunteers willing to organize road cleanups in their free time. With more volunteers, we will not only have cleaner roads, but also a fun get-together.


A direct platform to communicate with me

A councillor’s responsibility does not just end with being elected or going to meetings. We need to stay in constant touch with people of the ward. I will set up a direct web platform where people of this ward can create web forms which I will read and act on it within 24 hours.


More events celebrating diversity in our community

Our ward has been growing tremendously these past few years. Toronto being a melting pot for cultures and traditions, Ward 19 is no exception. But how much do we know about our neighbours and their cultures? We need to create more events where we can bring in people of all cultures. A place where they can talk about and express their cultures with pride

A Professional development platform

Our ward has a beautiful mixture of people who are just getting started in the workforce and more experienced people who have years of experience of doing the same. We will come up with an online platform which is purely on a volunteer basis where people who need help can directly reach out to more experienced people to get help with their resumes, interview process, applying for jobs and just networking in general.


Staying up to date on needs

Needs and wants will keep changing over time. These platforms above are the requirements for right now. There is no certainty that these will stay the focus of my platforms. My team and I will conduct researches and analysis throughout the tenure to understand what has changed what is the immediate need of the hour. I promise to make sure that those needs are met on a timely basis.


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