About Me

37 years as a resident

I know the ward and it's problems first hand

Living in this area for 37 years, I have seen many issues and have been active in volunteering with the Royal Canadian Legion District D Track & Field program, Toastmasters and currently have been Board President of Carmelina Condominium for 7 years. 

Our community members in this area are very important to my husband and me and that is why we started Wintergreen Indoor Lawn Bowling 14 years ago. As a platform for the members of our community to come together. 

I was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario and was the middle child of 4 brothers and one sister.

My parents started their business, a Diner and Variety store, on Victoria St. with our living quarters above the store. As a child, I would help out with both the store and cleaning of the house. St. John’s Catholic School was just up the street from our home and in Grade 2, started working the penny candy counter before going to school.

Then in 1965, my parents decided to move us kids out of the city and bought a 3-season house in a little town called Rosedale and the property was right on Balsam Lake.  Their plan was to create a vacation cottage rentals called Shannondoah Chalets and then later my father built a Variety Store & Gas Station.


Public Schools in Victoria County were all one room school houses and I attended S.S.#4 at Powles Corners. This was only for a short time until they found a Catholic School, St. Margaret’s on Grandy Road in Coboconk. The difference between public and Catholic was that my father would have to drive us every morning to Coby as there were no school bus services for this school.

Grades 1 through 8 were taught by Miss Margaret Sullivan who helped me personally in transitioning from the old math to the new math that was brought into schools in my Grade 4 class in Kitchener.

I worked during the summer, cleaning cottages and our house, attending the vegetable garden along with the all the flowers gardens on the property. I realized at this point that I was interested in everything.

In 1969, all the one room school houses were closed and I completed my secondary education at Cameron Public School and then graduated grade 12 at Fenelon Falls High School.

After graduation, I worked in the family Variety & Gas Station that was located before the Rosedale bridge on Hwy. 35.

In 1978, I came to Toronto, like most kids from Victoria County did, looking for work. The transition from country to city was definitely a challenge for me, and landed a secretary position at CNCP Telecommunications at 151 Front St. W staying 8 years. From there, I was hired on by several secretarial temping services which was an amazing journey.

I met my wonderful husband, John T. Adams in 1984. Shortly after, I bought our first house on 40 Westlake Avenue rented it out and then moved into it three years later and we renovated it.

In 1999, I realized we needed a better retirement plan so that we had a good nest egg. That is when I left the secretarial field behind and the both of us started our journey into renovating old houses, renting them out and managing them and provided my services to other people in the area. John retired from CN Rail in November 30, 2008 after 39 years.

The retirement plan did kick in when we paid pre-construction of a condo on the Danforth in 2011. Currently, we live here I have been the president of the board of directors since 2015.

I love this community and have volunteered for many organizations; Royal Canadian Legion Branch 11 Executive & Branch Level Track & Field, Royal Canadian Legion District D Track and Field Chair, Wintergreen Indoor Lawn Bowling, Danforth East Residents Association Inc. (defunct at this time) and helping my neighbors.

Throughout my experience in life, I have understood that I need to stay in a service position where I can help others. I have always questioned everything and have never been afraid of voicing it out. I realized that enough was enough and it was pointless for me to keep saying ‘I wish someone else would make this change’. Instead, I have taken it upon myself to come to a position where I can make the changes that people personally want to see. Not just act on the behalf of big corporations or big politicians. I aspire to be the voice of a every civilian here. We will listen to your concerns, plan together, weigh our pros and cons, and make an informed decision on what is possible.

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