My key goal is to truly Make a Difference.

This is possible only when all of us work together.

Listening, Acting and Communicating to you, the taxpayer

That is why I am running to be your councillor for Beaches-East York Ward 19.

Living in this area for 37 years, I have seen many issues and have been active in volunteering with the Royal Canadian Legion District D Track & Field program, Toastmasters and currently have been Board President of Carmelina Condominium for 7 years. 

Our community members in this area are very important to my husband and me and that is why we started Wintergreen Indoor Lawn Bowling 14 years ago. As a platform for the members of our community to come together. 

My Platforms

Better protection (More cops, More emergency response, more patrol cars)

We need more offices in our ward where people can go in to report incidents or raise their concerns. With more police in the area, crimes would reduce significantly just because of police presence

Better Waste Disposal System

There are so many other ways than just dumping all our waste into a landfill. There are so many success stories about so many different methods that saves the land and gets rid off waste.

Better assistance program for seniors

We need a specific platform that our seniors can call in to get support and guidance on all the wonderful plans our government has in place.

A more streamlined system for youth employment in our ward.

We need a more streamlined system just for our ward where employers can directly reach out and communicate with prospective employees.

Better Commute System

I did my research first hand and found that there are more bus routes in areas that are no longer busy but there aren’t buses in the routes that have recently boomed.

Some Ways to Improve our Ward

Lets make our ward BETTER - TOGETHER

Key Issues

What Ward 19 Needs NOW!
Traffic Solutions

The current traffic flow is totally unacceptable and walking is very difficult to navigate. There are 13 proposed developments coming to Danforth with an approximate total of 5,144 units with a possible area growth of over 20,000 people in the next 4 to 6 years.


Solving Homelesness

All of us need to break down the barriers to homelessness and create a program with the Federal, Provincial and our Municipal Government that will assist these individuals in achieving what they never thought was possible


Fixing Housing Crisis

The city needs to look proactively at storefront additions to meet each street’s Urban Guidelines rather than giving taxpayers property to developers to build some affordable unit and luxury condominiums in the stepped back building.

Want to help my team improve our ward?

Here is how you can contribute